Questions & Answers

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Can we use notecards at the children’s sale?

You betcha!  We will continue to allow you to use the notecards in place of the online system.  The online system provides the capability of tracking your sales and letting you know what sold.  We do not guarantee your items when the notecards are used.


What is accepted at the sale?

We are glad you asked!  You can find all the details here.


What clothing & shoe sizes do you accept?

We accept newborn all the way up to Juniors.  For our Juniors section, we know that there are kids who need larger clothing than what is provided in the Juniors section at any name brand store.   Save your women’s clothes for our women’s sale.

So, here is our criteria:

  1.  It has to be trendy and youthful.
  2.  When in doubt, ask your child if the item is cool to wear.

We accept all sizes of shoes.   The same criteria is followed here as with the clothing.


Do you have to register online?  

Yes, but you can choose which method of tagging fits your needs.  If you have trouble, please email and she can get you registered.


I have consigned before, do I need a new consignor number?

Nope.  It remains the same number.


I forgot my log in information.  What do I do?

You can email if you have any trouble logging in.


What type of hangers can we use?

We accept them ALL!  The name of the game is to make money, so use whatever hangers you have.


What is the Drop & Go Option?

You can find this here.


When is pickup?

It is Saturday at 6:30pm.   We sometimes are finished early and it is announced on our Facebook Group page.


When do we get our checks?

All checks will be mailed out the following Monday.


How do I package or label shoes?

We will be posting about this ASAP!  We are currently working on a new system to ensure that we sell the best quality of shoes at our sale.


Are my unsold items still in the system?  How do I transfer them over to this sale?

Good news!!  Your unsold items are STILL in the system!  Here is how you do it:

  1.  You can go into your account and click on “CONSIGNOR HOMEPAGE“.
  2.  Click “ACTIVITIES MENU“.
  3.  Choose “INACTIVE ITEMS“.
  4.  Once you are there, you will see all your unsold items.  The ones that you would like to sell in the upcoming sale, simply click the box next to it.
  5.  Once you have clicked all your items for this sale, choose “ACTIVATE SELECTED ITEMS“.

To double check to see if your items are in the system, do these following steps:

  2.  Choose “ACTIVE INVENTORY“.
  3.  Click whether you are using a mobile device or computer.
  4.  Look over your “ACTIVE INVENTORY” & pat yourself on the back!
  5.  That’s it!

You will only need to print tags for these items if they are no longer tagged.  Tags from the previous sale will still work!

What kind of paper can I print my tags on?

Glad you asked!  Only cardstock can be used for printing your tags.  Paper does not work well with the amount of traffic that passes through the sale.