Consigning Info

img_20190127_212044_273Why Become a Consignor?

    • Earn 70% of your sales.
    • You set the price of your items.
    • Shop the day before we open to the public.
    • Consignor fee is only $10.
    • We do the advertising and the work.
    • Unsold items are sorted and ready for pick up after the sale on Saturday (Children’s Sale) or on Sunday (Women’s Sale).  You may also choose to donate your unsold items.
    • Registration is easy!

**We are celebrating BIG at the Spring Sale!  ALL consignors will receive 75% of their sales!  Volunteer for 3hrs and earn an additional 5%! ** 

New consignors click here to register.

Returning consignors click here to register.

For the Children’s Consignment Sale:

What can I consign? Gently used or new items for babies, children, teens and maternity.  For this sale we will be accepting SPRING/SUMMER clothing.

Clean equipment– cribs, beds, strollers, high chairs, furniture, toys, sports equipment, bicycles, swings, dolls, movies, books, board games, monitors, puzzles, outside play equipment, etc.  Items must be put together/totally assembled.  Put small pieces in baggies and tape shut.

We accept ALL seasons of Maternity Clothing for every sale!

What we DO NOT accept for the Spring Salesweaters, coats, winter shoes of any kind.  JEANS, LONG-SLEEVED, LIGHTWEIGHT SHIRTS, AND LIGHT JACKETS ARE ACCEPTED!  Long sleeved pajamas are accepted at both sales.  Easter outfits are accepted at the Spring sale only.

What we DO NOT accept for the Fall sale- Tank tops, shorts, & swimsuits.  SHORT SLEEVE SHIRTS ARE ACCEPTED!  Long sleeved pajamas are accepted at both sales.

We CANNOT ACCEPT – out-of-date and/or out-of-season clothing, stuffed animals (unless brand name or new with tags attached), clothing or items that have stains, man-made holes or are dingy, shoes that are stained or very scuffed, used underwear, items with missing or broken parts, toys without working batteries, adult clothing, recalled items, and car seats older than 5 years or that have been in an accident, or items that have any traces of bed bugs.  In order to maintain a high quality sale, we must turn away items that do not meet this criteria.  Any items that are questionable will not be allowed in the sale.  There will not be exceptions, so if you’re not sure, don’t bring it.

For the Women’s Consignment Sale:

What can I consign? For the FALL/WINTER women’s consignment event, you can consign any clothing minus shorts (athletic shorts are ok), flip flop, & swimwear.  Undergarments are accepted if new with tags.

Home Decor – We accept all modern home decor.  We do not accept outdated items or bulky furniture (at this time).  You may consign small furniture, lamps, wall decor, picture frames, end tables, night stands, etc.  If you have any questions regarding decor, shoot us a message. 

Step by Step Guide to Entering Items into the Online System:


This new system allows you to manage the items you are selling and make changes as necessary. You can change your price, category, description, and whether or not you are discounting or donating, up until you print a tag. Once you print a tag, if you make changes to an item online, you MUST print a new tag as the bar code will be different.  We can print yours for you at a $5 charge.  Email or call at 615-926-2830 to set a time up to have your labels picked up.  


  1.  Print on White Cardstock.  Best type paper: 60# – 67#, 110#.  Paper is too thin and   will rip off your items due to the amount of traffic that comes through our sale.
  2.  Do NOT put tape on your barcodes.  
  3.  Print with black ink.  

    Helpful Tips:

    • Make sure the barcodes are crisp and clear and not bleeding

    • Sort their clothes by size before tagging for best efficiency

    • Avoid long descriptions and overuse of capital letters.

    • Tags will print 6 tags per page.

For Clothing, choose the correct size

Please choose the accurate size for clothes and shoes. This helps us put your clothes and shoes in the right place.

For Non-Clothing, Leave Blank

There is a size option that says Leave Blank. This is the best option at this point for most non-clothing items.

Enter a GOOD Description

There are 2 lines on the tag for description. Each line is limited to 25 characters, so be brief, but you can say a lot with a little. Use LS for long sleeve, SS for short sleeve, NWT for an item that is New With Tags, or shorten colors like B&W for black and white.

A good description can help SELL your item! Especially if you tell your buyer something that isn’t obvious by looking at your item (helpful when original packaging isn’t included).

You might also say things like Never Worn, Paid $89 Retail, or whatever else you want a potential buyer to know. If there is not enough room in 2 lines for the description you feel your item needs, feel free to write more on a separate card, make a list of everything that is included in a set, or take a photo and attach it to the outside of the item. Do what you can to sell it!

Crazy 8 (barely worn)

LS polo onesie w/red dog

NWT GAP jeans

flower embroidery on leg


Good descriptions are nice to see on your seller report so you can tell which items sold when looking at your inventory online each night or at the end.

Graco Pack n Play jungle


brown w/bassinet & mobile

play pen

Entering a good description can help us SELL an item for you if the tag has fallen off and can’t be found. We have the ability to look things up in the system by description! But if your Brown Jungle print Pack ‘n Play with bassinet and mobile is listed in your inventory as “play pen,” we can’t be 100% sure it is the one we have (if we could only locate it in the system and print a new tag!) and it just might be sitting there at pickup, with the other items that lost their tags, which is a shame when we could have sold it.

Tags print 6 per page

The bar code on each tag helps us run speedy checkouts, so your tags need to be printed clearly. The category helps us place your item in the right area so shoppers can find it, the black dot tells us if you are donating and helps us sort at the end of the sale, and a good description helps us if your tag falls off of an item (we can usually match up lost tags with items with no tag, but sometimes the description is too vague and we can’t be sure we have a match).

Set your price.

A good rule of thumb is to start your price around 1/3 of the original retail price, going up or down based on the quality and condition of your item. Name brands (Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Zutano, and all boutique brands), will go for more than store brands (Cherokee, Carter’s, Osh Kosh, and any discount store brands), but that is reflected when using the 1/3 rule since the retail price of name brand stuff starts out higher. You might mark something higher if it’s in really great shape and lower if you just want to get rid of it.

Think of yourself as a shopper, you love getting a great deal, so pass it on and give someone else a great deal! You can still make more money than a garage sale and sell more of your stuff in the end. And isn’t the ultimate goal to get rid of it?

Clothing tends to sell for 20-35% of retail, while equipment can go for up to 50% of retail, depending on condition, brand and demand. (We’ve seen some barely used Bumbo seats, Ergo carriers, bike trailers, and other hot items in good conditon sell for around half of their retail value or even a little more.)

For the children’s sale: All prices must be in $1.00 or $.50 increments only, with a $.50 minimum. No $.99 or other odd prices, the system won’t allow it. 

For the women’s sale: All prices must be in $.50 increments only, with a $3 minimum.

There is a place to enter Quantity

Usually this is 1. Only enter a number higher than 1 if ALL INFO on the tag is the same. If you have 10 identical hair bows, enter 10. Choosing 10 for quantity will cause 10 identical items (and tags) to be generated. There is a limit of 25, but if you have 100 of the exact same hair bows, you could enter 4 sets of 25.

This can help parents of twins or more who have multiple items that are exactly the same; entering 2 will produce 2 identical tags (but each with a unique item number) so you can tag each shirt or pair of pants without having to reenter the info.

odd prices, the system won’t allow it. Clothing must be at least $2.

Decide if you want to Discount

Click this checkbox if you are willing to sell your item for half price on Sunday. This is wise if you are mainly trying to clear out your closet and do not want to take things back home at the end! Discounting gives you a chance to sell a few more things on Sunday when most items will be discounted and many shoppers return to supplement their stash and see what they can get for less. Let it go!

Discounting may not be for you. You may not want to discount furniture or large equipment (price to sell in the first place), or you may be willing to take home certain items if they don’t sell. Perhaps you have a friend you could give things to or you may keep a few things in case you ever have more kids.

Each item can be different, they don’t all have to be donate or no donate. Whatever your reason, you get to decide!

Decide if you want to Donate

Here is your chance to really get rid of your stuff once and for all. If it does not sell during the sale, even on half price day, let it go. We donate things to families in need through Fostering Hope or through the ministry of God’s Resort. They are very grateful for your donations.

Do not check the Discount box if you plan to pick it up if it does not sell.


For the children’s sale: You may write out your tags OR print your tags.  If you choose to hand write your tags, please use 3 x 5 index cards with 3” side as the top of the tag.  Do not cut cards in half.  Only 3 x 5 index cards will be accepted.  No paper tags.  Do not re-use tags, or we will have to use the lowest price.

Please include the following information on each tag:

  • Consignor Number –make sure consignor number is correct and on each item (begin writing approximately 1 inch from top of tag).
  • Size – use specific size number (not  S, M, L) .
  • Description – briefly describe the item.
  • Price – usually ¼ of original price, depending on condition and brand; use only .50 cent and $1 increments.
  • Donate place a “D” in the bottom left corner if you would like your unsold items donated.
  • Star – place a star in the bottom right corner if you do not want the item to go half price on Saturday.

Attach the tag with a safety pin (no clothes pins) to the upper right front of the garment.  Safety pin together two-piece sets.  For toys and baby equipment, tie or tape tag securely to the item. 

Shoes must image-5be in great shape, placed in a baggie, and the tag taped to the inside.  

All clothing must be on a hanger facing left – all hangers are accepted, as long as they fit on a normal sized clothing rack.  Keep in mind the more presentable the item, the more likely it is to sell.

Most dry cleaners will give you hangers for free or very cheap!

If you are looking at the front of a shirt, the hanger hook will face the left and the tag should be at the upper right corner!

Here are few examples of how items should look on the hangers:





Here’s a few examples of what NOT to do.  Notice how the items slide on the hangers when hung incorrectly.  Remember, if your items are messy and hard to see, people are less likely to buy them.



Drop off Thursday, March 7th between 9 am and 4 pm

  • Sign a waiver form and pick up your pre-sale pass.
  • Items will be screened for acceptability and proper tagging.
  • After screening you will help put your items on the sales floor.
  • Bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope.  Envelopes will be available for $1 if you forget.
  • Please allow an hour for drop off.
  • Come as early in the day as possible; no check-in after 4 pm.
  • If you bring your things, but leave before they are checked and don’t put them out yourself, then those items will wait until we have time to put them out.  This is often not until Saturday, so your chances of selling your items are greatly reduced.  Please plan your time accordingly so that you can put your items out yourself and have better chances of selling them.

Pick up Saturday, March 9th, 6:30 pm

  • Items will be sorted by consignor # for quick, easy pick-up.
  • Items not claimed will be donated to a local charity.
  • Please allow 20 minutes for pick-up.
  • Your check will be mailed to you within one week.
  • REMINDER to put your consignor number on ever tag, if something is bought and consignor number isn’t on there, that money will be donated to College Heights’ nursery!
  • Please note the new time to pick up your leftover items – 6:30PM.  We ask that you please not arrive early, as you will have to wait (it takes quite a bit of time to get items ready to go, so if you arrive early, you’ll have to wait).  Coming right on time will ensure that your items are ready for you to pick up, and you should be able to be in and out quickly.
  • Any items that we find stains on and were not noticed at check-in will be on a table all together. They will not be separated. It will be your responsibility to go through the table if you want them.  Please know that I am trying to make the quality of our sale the best I can. If you sell with us, then you more than likely buy from us, so it will benefit you also. I am hiring three ladies who will be in-charge of check in.  They will know all of the rules and are paid to implement them – no exceptions!
  • Consignor checks must be cashed within 90 days of receipt.