What’s New!

We are excited to add a few, new things to the From Your Closet Consignment Sale Event!


From Your Closet has implemented an ONLINE INVENTORY SYSTEM!  You can now enter your items online, print your tags, and watch your items sell during the sale!  For step by step instructions, please click here.



Please do not worry if your items currently have handwritten tags attached to them.  We will enter each handwritten tag into the system each evening after the sale.  You will still be able to track your sold items online with handwritten tags!

2.  Our Drop & Go Option

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We have a limited amount of spaces available for our Drop & Go option.  If you are interested in this route, you will need sign up and secure your spot here.

How does this work?

a.  You bring all your items to the sale during your scheduled slot.

b.  All your items must be marked with “D” for donate.   If your item does not pass inspection, we are unable to hold your items for you.

c.  When you check in, you will let the volunteer know that you are on the list to Drop & Go.  She will guide you to where your items get dropped off.

d.  You are free to leave.  No need to stay for inspection and hanging your items.


3.  The Women’s Consignment Event

From Your Closet has recently expanded and we have added a women’s consignment event that will also be held semi-annually in the spring and fall.  This fall the women’s event will be located at the Columbia Traders building in Joplin, Missouri.

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